Transcript and Translation of “The History of Agrarian Reform and Land Sovereignty Conflicts in Yogyakarta” Podcast

Transcript and Translation of “Food isn’t just about eating, it’s about the environment too! ” Podcast


‘The World is Our Household!’ (TWIOH) is a 6-month, multidisciplinary programme aiming to share and learn situated knowledges about living in solidarity with our communities and environments. TWIOH brings together artists, cultural practitioners, “adat” (indigenous) and community activists from across the Indonesian archipelago, to share their work, struggles and contexts with each other and the public, with the aim of seeding a translocal solidarity network.




SFS mengembangkan program yang mempertemukan berbagai komunitas yang bekerja di bidang seni, pangan, pertanian, hak atas tanah, aktivisme adat dan ekologi untuk berbagi cerita tentang pekerjaan dan konteks masing-masing dengan satu sama lain dan dengan publik luas.


SFS develops programs that bring together communities working from the fields of art, food, farming, land rights, indigenous (“adat”) and ecological activism to share their work and contexts with each other and the public.