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Community Interview #2: Institut Mosintuwu

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Institut Mosintuwu: Moving Together to build and Sustain Our Network

Early this year, two of our members Gatari Surya Kusuma and Rr. Esty Wikasilva, together with Bunga Siagian and Alfiza Nur Aisyah Irmanda from Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF), were finally able to visit our Forum Partner and long-term collaborator Institut Mosintuwu, in Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Institut Mosintuwu is a grassroots community organization that works for peace and justice in times of conflict and post-conflict. Currently, Institut Mosintuwu is working to resist ecological destruction caused by large scale development such as oil palm plantations and the hydroelectric power plant that is being constructed in Lake Poso (an important source of local livelihoods, traditions, spirituality and biodiversity). 

You can now watch the second episode in our ‘Community Interview’ series made during this trip. This video entitled ‘Institut Mosintuwu: Moving Together to build and Sustain Our Network’ includes conversations with Lian Gogali, Founder & Chairman of Institut Mosintuwu; Mama Martince Baleona Organizing coordinator of Institut Mosintuwu; Raynton Rarea, Young activist & media team of Institut Mosintuwu; and Pak Made Sadia, a Farmer in Desa Meko, West Pamona, Poso.. Together they share about the work, practice and context of institut Mosintuwu, and the importance of social reproductive labour in sustaining solidarity networks with/in their communities.