The World is Our Household!

Our Fellowship programme (July 2021–ongoing) is a transdisciplinary, collective online study programme and growing solidarity network consisting of 16 practitioners (selected through an Open Call) from across Indonesia and other parts of the world, who are actively engaging in ecological justice with/in their own localities and communities. With Fellows working from farming to land rights, ecological activism, community organizing, indigenous rights, disaster mitigation, arts, culture, curating, (action) research, ecofeminism, and more.

For nearly five months, the Fellows regularly met online to share their practices, struggles, vulnerabilities, and contexts with each other and invited guests through workshops, lectures and sharing sessions. In September 2021, the Fellows co-organised two “Dialogues” in the TWIOH FORUM, about ecological disaster and mitigation in Cianjur and Palu; and about preserving indigenous knowledge between Riau and Yogyakarta (see the FORUM section on this website for video documentation).

Gradually, the Fellows formed three working groups, supported by one of the Fellowship’s main infrastructures, the “Collective Pot”: a common budget and resource to allow further collaboration and exchange amongst the Fellows. All decisions on how to access, distribute, and account for the Collective Pot are determined collaboratively by each of the following three working groups:

The “Chocolate Making Workshop” by Fellows Geger, Indra and Jayu, who processed local cocoa beans into edible chocolate at Bumi Pemuda Rahayu (BPR), Muntuk, ID, resulting in a video tutorial, a short documentary and a mini recipe book. The “River Research Expedition” group, initiated by Fellows Gilung and Putri, and carried out collaboratively with the indigenous Talang Mamak community in Riau, Sumatra (that Gilung is part of), with outcomes including a video documentary and a children’s book. And “The Alternative News Agency”, producing an collective online publication on social and ecological justice with contributions from Fellows Sina, Radni, Dita, and others.

Our Fellows are:

Agung “Geger” Firmanto Budiharto (Yogyakarta); Alexandra Karyn (Jakarta), Aliansyah Alin Caniago (Bandung/Banda Aceh); Angling Indra Pangestu / Bumi Pemuda Rahayu (Muntuk); Gilung / AMAN / Talang Mamak indigenous community (Riau, ID); Huiying Ng (Munich); Jayu Juli / CluBelajar (Depok); Kezia Alaia / CluBelajar (Jakarta); Michael Raffy Dujono “Dipa” (Sukabumi); Puti Dita / Kebun Ramban (Bogor); Rahmadiyah Tria Gayathri (Palu); Radni T. / CluBelajar (Ciater); Rose Gibbs / Mountford Growing Community (London); Sina Ribak (Berlin); Sulthon Mochammad Khadafi (Cianjur); and Wulan Putri / CluBelajar (Jakarta).

To read, watch, and learn more about our Fellows’ “Collective Pot Activities”, see below!