The World is Our Household!

Fellowship Period:
19 July – early September 2021

Application deadline:
Sunday, 4 July 2021

Our ‘Fellowship’ is a 7-week, transdisciplinary online study programme for practitioners from Indonesia and other parts of the world, who are actively working on ecological justice with/in their own localities and communities. The Fellows are selected through an Open Call and have a situated practice that includes farming, land rights, ecological activism, arts, culture, action research, indigenous rights, ecofeminism, and more. The Fellowship is bilingual (EN / ID) in nature and offers a platform for the selected Fellows to develop and strengthen their practice by learning from each other as well as invited guests. Starting in July, we will dive deeper into each of their practices, contexts and the issues and challenges they face. We will use our time together to share the knowledge, ideas and practical skills each of the Fellows has built up, whilst learning from and about different forms of solidarity of resistance geared towards actualising a socio-ecologically just world. With the support of the Fellows, the Fellowship will hopefully offer a space where diverse localities can intersect to seed solidarity amongst the Fellows as well as their communities.

The curriculum of our Fellowship is organised in close collaboration with the Fellows, who meet online three times a week for collective and smaller group gatherings (each lasting no more than 2 hours) with SFS acting as host, facilitator and co-organiser. There are two collective gatherings a week, the first organised by SFS and the second by the Fellows themselves, which may include sharing sessions, workshops, conversations with invited guest speakers, collective study, reading, and more. For these collective gatherings, we provide spoken English/Indonesian translation. Once a week, we also facilitate smaller group gatherings where conversations between Fellows with common interests can take place. These will be conducted in mixed language, with informal translation provided by SFS team when necessary. Our Fellowship finally coincides with the TWIOH Forum, which is set to take place in September 2021. Fellows are invited to contribute to the Forum as well as to any of the other TWIOH programme strands, for which we have allocated both time and a modest “collective pot”, which will be managed through collective agreement amongst the Fellows. 

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