The World is Our Household!

Our 6-part podcast series, entitled ‘Sounds for Sovereignty’, brings together artists, cultural workers, activists and communities from across the Indonesian archipelago and the world who are actively engaged in the struggle for social and ecological justice, with the aim to amplify their voices, and share their knowledge and practice with a wider audience. Its contents range from a conversation on the history of agriculture, law and coloniality in Yogyakarta (Episode 1, coming soon!), to issues and topics such as land rights, extraction, ecological resistance, indigenous knowledge, agro-artistic practices, and more. Experimenting with different formats and methods of voicing and ‘sound’ to create a diverse listening experience, ‘Sounds for Sovereignty’ includes conversations, interviews, storytelling, songs and soundscapes. Each episode furthermore begins and ends with a new audio work developed especially for this occasion by artist Riar Rizaldi.

For the episodes recorded in Indonesian, we offer written English translations, which you can read or download in PDF. There are also transcriptions available for each English spoken episode.

The six episodes of ‘Sounds for Sovereignty’ are currently in the making and will be uploaded below throughout June–October 2021. If you’d like to receive updates about when our next episode is online, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.